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Call of Duty: Mobile Receives Backlash As Devs Announces The Removal “Zombies mode”

Many Call of Duty: Mobile players have been disappointed by the announcement that the iconic zombie mode will remove from the title at the end of March. The Zombies mode has been a staple for the franchise since it was introduced for the first time in Call of Duty: World At War.

The announcement was released as a part of an update shared on the official page of the game on a popular discussion platform. It is essential to highlight the fact that when the mode was introduced in the game via an update, Activision had stated that it would be available for a limited amount of time.

Players were also disappointed by the act that the popular Nacht Der Untoten map, which should have been added to mode at some point in the future, will not be available since Activision decided to retire the feature for now.

The Zombies mode to be removed from Call of Duty: Mobile by the end of the month

One of the major complaints of the players is represented by the fact that many have spent real-world money to purchase cosmetic items for this section of the game. Since the mode will be removed, they will lose access to their items, and they feel that Activision shouldn’t have offered premium items for a removed feature.

On the other hand, some hope that some form of compensation will be offered for the lost items, in the form of CP or other items, but that remains to be seen. The announcement comes in the wake of a surprising move as the director of the Zombies mode has announced that he will leave Treyarch.

Select voices claim that the departure prompted Activision to pull the zombie mode from Call of Duty: Mobile in advance. When confronted by angry players, the developers stated that the mode did not rise to the quality demanded by the company standards.



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