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Call of Duty: Mobile Leak Revealed Details About The New ‘Cage’ Map

Call of Duty is one of the most popular video game shooter franchises in the world, with millions of titles sold around the globe. The popular series allows players to prove their skill against other players in thrilling multiplayer battles that favored the formation of a strong and loyal fan base. Many of the titles in the series have been released across several platforms and sold quite well. Call of Duty: Mobile is also an excellent title for mobiles.

Activision decided to publish a dedicated version for smartphone devices, and the title has been a hit among many mobile gamers. The game was released in October, and it was downloaded more than 140 million times.

Call of Duty: Mobile was designed from the ground-up with mobile devices in mind while also maintaining the core gameplay, which makes it popular. Players can pick between a variety of modes that take place among iconic maps of the Call of Duty universe, including Nuketown.

The new ‘Cage’ map will soon come in Call of Duty: Mobile

Those who are bored by the regular modes or want to enjoy a change of pace have the option to try the robust battle royale mode, which offers a worthy challenge and a series of deadly weapons that can be used to pave the way towards victory.

Fresh content is in the making, and it seems that a new map will be released soon. A reliable source shared some screenshots of the upcoming Cage map, which was created from scratch for Call of Duty Mobile, and it is not available in other titles.

It is worth noting that the map is smaller than Nuketown, and it is divided into two main routes. It appears that it will be limited to the Snipers Only mode. An exciting surprise is represented by the inclusion of the original Tencent headquarters building on the map.
Fans believe that the new map will arrive along with Season 3. Two new characters could also make an appearance.



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