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Call of Duty Mobile Launch Date Comes With a Surprise for Android and iOS Players

The big day is finally here, and the launch of Call of Duty Mobile includes some big news for all the Android and Ios players. The game will be available worldwide at the end of October 1. All the users on all platforms will be able to experience a free-to-play Call of Duty. More intriguing? The game comes with a significant surprise — some recent reports, detail how Call of Duty will also come to PC platforms via GameLoop. The software is developed by Tencent and is currently the best Android emulator. It offers a smooth experience on PC. GameLoop announced that some of the Call of Duty Mobile servers had been released in some regions.

The big news which stirs the things up is that Call of Duty Mobile will allow players to use a keyboard and mouse while they get their Android emulator experience running on PC. Other details, such which are the terms and limitations, are still unknown. Also, it is still a mystery if players will get to play against other users. For a full experience, Call of Duty comes with some requirements. We will need at least 2GB RAM and an Android 5.1 Lollipop. For GameLoop, the specs are too, unknown, but there is a certainty that the software will be available on many devices.

Activision offers an ultimate guide for how to set up your Call of Duty Mobile game by following the steps: Create your username (with Facebook, e-mail or as a Guest User), and then you will be redirected to the Tutorial. Next, you will be welcomed by Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley. Ghost will let you everything you need to know to get your full experience, offering you guidance.



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