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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8: Release Date, Storyline, and Cast

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a TV show about officers. The show is full of funny moments as well as serious situations, so if you are looking for a light series, you should give it a try. The first season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was released in 2013. Even back then, people were against the police brutality. However, nowadays, the situation is more real, as people protest and riot around the world, but mostly in the US. Due to the recent events, producers of the show are going to try a different approach in the upcoming season. Let’s find out what changes will take place in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Release Date

Before going into details, we need to know when to expect the season to come out. Unfortunately, we don’t have any official information regarding the release date. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the show cannot go as planned. Plus, the networks are closed, so we can’t predict the date. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Storyline

What should we expect from Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8? Besides the different story approach, we will see Amy and the baby again. How will Jake deal with his work and family? We are very curious to find out the new funny stories. However, the most interesting thing is to see is how the serfs will face changes in pop culture and society. If you are watching this show or plan to do so, you are in for a lot of humor. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Cast

The leading character of the show is a young police officer Jake Peralta played by Andy Samberg. Other stars are: 

  • Andre Braugher as Captain Holth
  • Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago
  • Terry Crew as Terry Jeffords
  • Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz 

Although we don’t know when season 8 is coming out, we are pleased to know it was confirmed. Therefore, it is ok to get your hopes up! All our favorite characters will return. 

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