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‘Breath of the Wild 2’: There’s a Sequel in Works Right Now

Nintendo is having fun right now. Just as it happened at E3 last year, besides the fantastic announcements, the biggest reveal was that the team is working on the sequel of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Ever since we heard that, fans have only gotten pieces of hints about the next game. Now there’s a new leak out there, which showed the official title of the sequel, the release date, even some features.

A user who has its name Xhyll said that the was in contact with one of the former employees from Nintendo, which revealed the future plans the company has with regards to the Breath of the Wild sequel.

The first idea is to release the game at once with the Nintendo Switch 2. Apparently, the console will come with 4K resolution, and it will be made exclusive for home gaming.

The Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to come with significant enhancements when it comes to graphics and computing, which we will also see on the Breath of the Wild 2 game. The same user says that the demo of the gameplay exists for the upcoming game, that it has many important details.

The source also talked about the next-gen console and the game, that might get a January 2021 release. The company wants to recreate the original strategy of Switch when it comes to releasing content. If this is true, rumor has it Switch two will make the perfect console in order to show how amazing the Breath of the Wild sequel is.

We should also mention that the original game comes with some graphic problems because of the specs of the first Nintendo Switch. If there is a new console, then there would be a brand new world for the sequel.



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