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Brawl Stars 25.96 Update Brings a New Brawler, Environment, and Content

Invite your friends to battle with you, or go solo in these amazing game modes in Brawl Stars – all in about 3 minutes. You need to unlock and then upgrade a lot of Brawlers with their super abilities. Buy and then collect amazing skins to show off in the arena. You might also want to start a band and share your tactics with them. Then you can fight together.

This game is entirely free for you to use. However, keep in mind that some items can be purchased with your real money. You can disable this feature from settings.

About Brawl Stars Game Modes

  • Bounty (3v3) – Beat your enemies in order to earn stars. The squad with the most stars wins.
  • Gem Grab (3v3) – Make the team and beat the opposite side. Collect and keep ten gems in order to win. Do not lose your flowers.
  • Heist (3v3) – Make sure your team is safe and try to beat your opponents. Navigate the map in order to find your enemies and be the one to win.
  • Brawl Ball (3v3) – In case you have not played soccer, this is your time to shine: score two goals before the other team does. There are no rules to follow.
  • Showdown (Solo or Duo) – This is a fight for survival. Make sure you collect power-ups for your Brawlers. Get a friend or go by yourself. The last Brawler to stand wins.

There are also numerous special events, such as limited-time particular PvP or PvE game modes. What are the other features? Well, you can try to become the best of all — make sure you go up the local or the regional leaderboards in order to prove you are the best of the best.
You’re constantly evolving Also, Make sure you check out the new Brawlers, the new maps and skins, events, and game modes once an update rolls out.

What’s New in the Latest Brawl Stars 25.96 Update?

There’s a new Environment, The Arcade. We also get a new skin for Tara, Bibi, and 8-Bit. There’s also a new temporary game mode called Hot Zone. We are also getting a new brawler, called MR. P, which comes with angry penguin minions. The new Brawl Stars update is already available on the Google Play Store



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