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Boruto Chapter 44: There Is a Big Reveal Coming Up

Boruto Chapter 44 will come with the big fight between Jigen and Kaji Kashin, as the two members want to be the ones to hold power in their group. Most fans are excited to find out more about Koji Kashin. His identity has been a mystery so far. Koji always has in mind to cover half of his face. In Chapter 44, we might see his real face – finally! Here is all we know so far.

Boruto is a Japanese manga series. The anime that we’re talking about here, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, became popular four years ago in Japan and worldwide. The series has some fantastic drawings, and the comic book fans remained glued to it.

Predictions about the new chapter of Boruto

Spoilers from the internet show that Koji will try to kill the leader of Kara, Jingen, in order to become the head of the group. The next manga chapter shows what happens after Team 7 rescued Naruto, and how Boruto can be turned into a bad person because of the karma powers. In this fight between Jigen and Koji Kashin, we will see some Jutsu techniques worth remembering.

There is a big reveal coming up

There are also many fan theories out there, which predict that Koji Kashin is actually Jiraiya, and we will see that soon. Chapter 44 is the best manga installment for this reveal. We will finally solve the mystery of Koji Kashin.

When is the Boruto Chapter 44 release date?

Boruto Chapter 44 will be released on Thursday, the 20th of March, 2020. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga chapters will be released every month. The scans of the chapter will probably be leaked online three days before the manga release on the 17th of March. This means that we will soon find out more through leaks and spoilers. So make sure you are staying away if you want to be surprised.



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