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Borderlands 3: The Looting Feature Is Finally Here – What’s Next?

All players of Borderlands 3 have the game available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. We come with great pieces of news for all of them. We are talking about individual drops, which were highly expected in the game. Gearbox has recently confirmed that these drops are coming to the game soon. As you probably already know, the gameplay feature was absent from the launch, unfortunately for those players who wanted to see what they’d get.

However, Gearbox will add this feature, but we don’t know for sure right now when the system will be added to the game. The developer said that they are currently working on it and that they will drop it through an update.

With these dedicated drops, players will be able to grind and farm weapons and equipment – it’s really something most looter-shooters do. However, it still does not resemble the common gameplay feature from the sub-genre. The confirmation of this feature came through a weekly Gearbox Livestream when they made some changes in the recent update, which were highlighted. Also, some future tweaks were teased.

Borderlands 3 is here for us, available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. the game is fantastic, and, honestly, quite a lot for us to take in. From the very start of the game, it’s like something magical happens to you because you keep playing it for days. There are many guns and lots and lots of ways to get distracted. There are also many jokes, and the team spirit will get to you at some point. Underneath all of this, there’s a looter shooter game, rewards, and exciting features that are brought together by a story.



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