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Blizzard Last Period Showcases How Fast It Changed

Blizzard, known as one of the most influential game industry, will welcome Rod Fergusson in the team. Such a change is a little bit intriguing yet curious. Fergusson, also nicknamed as “the closer,” or “the fixer,” is one of the most appreciated figures in the game industry. Probably, the most significant project he engaged in was the Bioshock Infinite continuous issues with development. He succeeded in bringing the project to the finish line, redesigning it into something worthy for fans worldwide.

As Blizzard made such a move, with hiring Fergusson, we can only imagine the company is having a challenging period. In this case, Diablo 4, because it is currently under development. Even if developers didn’t release any details about the game’s release, a Kotaku report suggests later this year. But, with Fergusson in charge, it seems Blizzard wants to do things real quick.

Blizzard’s Decision Might Change Some Games’ Fate

According to the same Kotaku report, some officials at Activision worried about the Blizzard way of developing business. Usually, Blizzard’s method is to not rush at all with anything, and when a game is released, chances are the developers will support the game for an unlimited period. Let’s take World of Warcraft, for example. The game was launched 15 years ago, and if we watch for the stats, it is still going on strong. However, such a method had brought Blizzard much appreciation, becoming a well-appreciated gaming company.

“Over the past several years, the work of evaluating our development processes and making hard decisions has led to new games and other products that we’re proud of. We now have more live games and unannounced projects than at any point in the company’s history,” stated J. Allen Brack, the Blizzard president. So, we should wait for more details to be released soon, as Blizzard’s rising appears to be unstoppable.



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