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Bitdefender vs. AVG – Which One Is Better in 2019?

Antivirus solutions such as Bitdefender and AVG are highly needed in today’s world because you’re always at risk of facing a cyber attack. It could come as an apparently harmless file you downloaded, a peculiar email attachment you’ve opened, or a USB stick that carries the virus. Either way, it is better to prevent those kinds of damages by preparing yourself against potential threats.

Both Bitdefender and AVG are incredibly popular, well-respected, and valued antiviruses. To help you decide which one is better for you, we decided to carry on a head-to-head feature test which will determine the winner.

Bitdefender vs. AVG – Features

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender tends to be on the top of the most recommendation lists, again and again. The incredible features it provides makes it one of the most secure antivirus software all over the world.

Some features comprised in Bitdefender’s plans include the ‘advanced threat defense,’ and ‘complete real-time data protection.’ These options are just scraping the surface because Bitdefender is more than just antivirus software.

The service provides web filtering and anti-tracking protection as standard features, along with Wi-Fi vulnerability scanner, and an insecure software scanner to verify any potential security holes as well.

Other features are offered to enhance your online safety, including a locked-down browser known as Bitdefender Safepay. This option enables an isolated environment, which is perfect for online banking or shopping, and it comes with a virtual keyboard to prevent the recording of your passwords.

Bitdefender also provides users with a VPN service, and a password manager. You can protect yourself with webcam and microphone protection as well, a network firewall, file encryption, and anti-theft protection.

We should note that some of these options are only accessible on the priciest Bitdefender plans.


AVG is among the best free antivirus software currently on the market, and its premium features are incredible as well. The software is a mix between basic protection against common malware with ransomware protection and a few other features such as email attachment protection. You can also use the AVG Secure Browser included for free.

AVG is based around Chromium but comes with a few privacy add-ons, such as an ad blocker and basic protection manager. Premium features include firewall and webcam protection, and an extensive file-shredding option. You can get anti-spam protection for your email inbox, as well as DNS protection to block phishing attacks.

The more advanced AVG Ultimate package provides users with anti-theft protection, and an additional AVG Secure VPN subscription. ​

The Bottom Line

AVG is a great free antivirus software, but it provides only a small number of premium features. A few, such as the AVG Secure VPN are not coming with the antivirus subscription and needs an additional registration.

On the other hand, Bitdefender packs a much broader set of features with no additional cost on top of the antivirus subscription you’d purchase. This makes it a better option, and therefore the winner.



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