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Bitdefender Update is Now Available with an All-New Design

Even though the internet is an amazing tool that has changed the world, we should never forget that the internet is not a safe place. If you are not careful of what kind of websites you are browsing or what apps you are downloading on your smartphone, then you might end up with malware that can transform a smartphone into paperweight. Fortunately, here is where Bitdefender comes in. This is one of the best antiviruses in the world and it will help keep your smartphone safe from all malicious software.

Bitdefender Update

Bitdefender is equipped with tens of useful features that make users feel safer when browsing the web. However, this is not the impressive thing that Bitdefender offers. The developers who are in charge of Bitdefender are always looking for new ways to stay ahead of the curve and to improve the security of the antivirus. The way that they are doing that is by constantly releasing new updates.

The latest update for Bitdefender sports the version number and we are advising everyone who uses the antivirus to make sure to download it as soon as possible. Now, let’s see what are the “goodies” that the new update introduces.

What’s New?

Bitdefender fans should be pleased to find out that the new update doesn’t come with a handful of bug fixes and instead, it introduces a fresh design. The design has been specially adapted to improve the user experience that the antivirus offers and to make it easier for users to access all the security tools that they need in order to feel safe.

Web Protection is one of Bitdefender’s most popular features and the developers of the antivirus have now introduced support for Microsoft Edge. This is great news because there are many people who enjoy using Microsoft Edge and now, they will be safer than ever.



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