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Big Bang Theory Simulated by Physicists Before Everything Happened

The creation of the universe, as we know, was profoundly influenced by the Big Bang event, which happened 13,8 billion years ago. Recently, a team of physicists decided to take a look closer at the event by exploring its causes and what it might start it. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology think a ‘reheating’ process might cause the actual ‘bang’ of the Big Bang. Before the event turned into an immense fireball of hot matter, it had been something called cosmic inflation. Physicists described the cosmic inflation to be way faster, explosive and destructive, even if it lasted only a trillionth of a second. Moreover, at this exact time, the cold matter developed very much until it got prolonged during the Big Bang. What the team of physicists succeeds to figure out is how one process headed into the other.

Firstly, the researchers suggested that a phase of reheating hit off at the final of cosmic inflation, and then they decided to draw out a stage for the Big Bang to disclose. David Kaiser, a physicist from MIT, explained how reheating developed the cold matter of cosmic inflation into something new, such as a hot liquid matter during the Big Band. He said, “The post-inflation reheating period sets up the conditions for the Big Bang, and in some sense puts the ‘bang’ in the Big Bang.” He and his team succeeded in stimulating many various ways in which matter would develop at the final moments of cosmic inflation. Based on what they’ve found, is that the energy conducting the inflation could have been shared easily within only just a few seconds.

Such redistribution would have influenced the conditions necessary for the Big Bang event to shut down. Professor Kaiser added, “This enables us to tell an unbroken story, from inflation to the post-inflation period, to the Big Bang and beyond. We can trace a continuous set of processes…”



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