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Best Tips For Taking Photos at Night with Your Smartphone

All the smartphones from the market have one teeny-tiny problem: the image sensors are simply too small. At night, it can get quite challenging to get sufficient light for a photo, which makes it quite blurry. We have written this article to give you a few tips on how to catch good photos at night.

But first, why is low light a problem?

The size makes it challenging to take a good photo in the dark. The light-sensitive area is 15 to 30 mm². If we are to compare it to a Full-format image sensor of a DSRL camera, we’ll see that it has 860 mm², which is 30 to 60 times more than what we have on our phones.
During the day, this won’t be a problem, but you won’t take a good photo at night.

Night mode can be life-saving

We have all heard of night modes in cameras, but how useful are they? They didn’t make quite the difference. Google Pixel 3 made a difference with the Night Sight mode. By using it, you can take multiple exposures and combine them in order to get a better result. This way, you can also reduce the noise in the photo.

Huawei also had a similar thing, but the company only added it to the flagships, Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro. If you have a new smartphone that has a night shooting mode, you should be ok but is your smartphone is older, and then you should try these techniques.

It all depends on the ISO

If you “played” with ISO values before, or if you didn’t, you need to know something about it. In order to get a bright picture in low light by using a small sensor, you need to amplify the image sensor’s light sensitivity. Fortunately, the camera does this by itself if you take pictures in the automatic mode.

But more significant ISO sensitivity also means bigger read errors, which we can see as image noise, as a loss in the details and as the washed-out colors. The images are bright and sharp, but they’re not that good. Indeed, the more prominent ISO sensitivities can make an image more vivid, and can also make faster shutter speeds, all at once. But the quality of the image is affected above ISO 400.



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