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Best Soccer Games On Android In 2020

Back in 2019, soccer encountered glorious seasons, especially in Europe. As 2020 arrived, we witness how another successful period arises in soccer games. By celebrating the beloved game, you can try the best Android football games so far for a smooth experience.

FIFA Mobile 2020

FIFA is one of the most appreciated football games worldwide, developed by EA Sports. What makes it so intriguing, though? Players have to engage in the Ultimate Team mode to earn enough coins and points by winning matches. They can later choose to exchange what they’ve gathered for players or upgrades.

Also, creating your dream team will bring you a lot of advantages. EA Sports succeeded in dominating the football game market by obtaining almost all the significant leagues’ rights. So, FIFA Mobile is a 100 % officially licensed game.

eFootball PES 2020

Arriving as one of the biggest FIFA’s rivals, eFootball PES is another hit for football fans worldwide. Originally from Japan, known as Winning Eleven there, brings some smooth console-range graphics and designed to be easily accessed. Even if it loses in front of its biggest rival, PES has a special place in many fans’ hearts. It is also more arcadey and unpredictable, which makes it more authentical.

Football Manager 2020 Mobile

The game received a lot of attention, mostly from its UK and European fans. Football Manager 2020 Mobile allows you to try the manager position and experience a team’s ups and downs. From training, tactics, selling players to in-game substitutions, the mobile game has it all for sure. Unfortunately, it’s not released as a free game, but players said it is worth the money.

Soccer Stars

If you’re considering a non-football fan, then you might want to try out Soccer Stars, for various reasons. First, the game combines some Rocket league vibe with the classic table game Subbuteo. Players engaged in matches of swiping discs to get the best scores on a five-a-side soccer pitch. The matches are also playing online, where you’ll find lots of mini-tournaments, trophies, or significant cups to achieve. This is also one of the best soccer games for Android in 2020.



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