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Best SHAREit Alternatives Available – The Best Android Apps For File Transfer

File transfer is an essential aspect for any tech user, whether you send files from your laptop to your phone or vice versa. One of the most popular file transfer apps is SHAREit, but not everybody likes it since it has too many ads and other minor flaws. In fact, probably no file transfer app is liked by everyone, but here you will learn a bit about some of them and there’s plenty of chances you will choose one to be using.

Silfer File Transfer

It has a cute and friendly interface, and it’s available across many platforms. The app even supports multiple transfers between multiple devices simultaneously. If you are one of those skeptics who think that you never know what evil things an app can do to your PC if you install it, you could just use the web version of the Silfer app.


Dukto still represents a tough competition for the best file transfer apps, even though it was last updated about 5 years ago. You can use it on Windows, Mac or Android devices.

Send Anywhere

As the name suggests, this app can send your files or even folders anywhere, even if the receiver is not near you. Links are created for your files, therefore you can understand how the simple process works.


Xender can send your files by using the web share feature, but it’s also available for many platforms, including Windows. It’s among the best apps for transferring files, very similar to SHAREit but with no ads. And of course, nobody likes ads!

Mi Drop

This one allows you to send files to your PC by FTP. A big flaw is that it doesn’t have cross-platform ability.

Files Go

An app created by Google, which again doesn’t offer cross-platform functionality, but it comes in handy if you want to share files on Android. And it’s working only for Android.

That should be enough for you to choose a suitable app for your needs, so feel free to say in the comments what other apps you like for file transfer.



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