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Best PlayStation 2 Emulators for Android Smartphones and Tablets

If you have ever wondered how to access PlayStation 2 games on your Android mobile devices, here is a list of the most used PlayStation 2 emulators for Android. All you need to keep in mind is that the quality of your experience while playing the games might differ from one gadget to another.

An essential feature is an available RAM; therefore, possible lags are not caused by the emulator, but by your processor. In addition to this, some of the emulators are not available for download on Google Play Store.

Best PlayStation 2 Emulators for Android

Golden PS2 Emulator

The Golden PS2 Emulator for Android is a former emulator available on Google Play Store, that was recently removed. It is a free app that does not interrupt the gaming time to display unnecessary adds. In addition to this, it acts as a controller, offering its users the possibility to play the favorite games on PlayStation 2. Tutorials are available for those wishing to learn how exactly to use the device. Playing it on a device with a larger display would be the best option to get excellent gaming experience.


The DamonPS2 is an emulator available for download on Google Play, and it received great reviews from users. The application offers two versions, one is free with a couple of advertisements and the other one is paid. The DamonPS2 emulator is compatible with more than 90% of the games available on PlayStation 2, being among the fastest emulators on the market. Users may encounter a series of bugs indeed, but not as many as in other apps.

Free Pro PS2 Emulator

The Free Pro PS2 Emulator is supporting PPSSPP games, as well as an impressive number of other PlayStation 2 games. If your smartphone presents more than 1.5GB of RAM free, this application should work correctly on your device. This free app might be complicated to use on a small screen, therefore consider using it on a big device.



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