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Best iOS Emulators For PC In 2019

iOS is one of the two leading mobile operating systems currently in the world, a system created specifically for Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and so on. The Apple-designated OS does a pretty good job as it has been developed and enhanced over quite an extended period. Even though iOS can only be used on Apple devices, and does not officially support other kinds of handsets, you can get it on systems powered by other OS with the help of the best iOS emulators.

Best iOS Emulators for PC

Emulators use numerous iOS system files to enable you to use Apple’s OS on your computer. There are lots of iOS emulators for PC on the market, and finding the best, and qualitative platform can be rather tricky and time-consuming. Therefore, we put together a list of the best iOS emulators we recommend; if you want to use iOS applications on your PC, here are our four best emulator recommendations.

Mobione Studio

Mobione Studio is rated as the most straightforward iOS emulator to use for PC. The service provides users with an incredible UI, which makes it one of the best iOS emulators. The user interface makes the platform look elegant and smooth when it comes to design and layout.

​The emulator offers numerous useful navigation features and settings. Although Mobione Studio is still in beta phase, it functions without any issue, and it supports the majority of iOS apps. This service is perfect for testing cross-platform applications and games and consumes minimal resources.

Unlike many iOS emulators that require you to install large programs on your PC, can be used online; therefore, you can avoid overcrowding your computer storage. By accessing, you can emulate and run any iOS app via a web browser on your PC. The emulator offers a 7-day free trial for testing, lag-free, and simple user interface, and streams your mobile apps from the cloud to any device.

iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is also one of the best iOS emulators for PC which powers a virtual iPad on your desktop. The service is an extension for Google Chrome, and it enables you to use the virtual iPad withing the browser. Specially created for iPad exclusive apps which will not function on any other emulator, iPad Simulator saves your iOS settings on cloud storage. This means you can use the iOS emulator from where you last left it.

Xamarin Test Flight

Xamarin Test Flight is among the most popular iOS emulators for Windows computers to iOS developers. Rather than emulating apps accessible on the iTunes App Store, this platform is developed for testing new apps. Besides, it provides users with a variety of different advanced features and settings which are regularly used by iOS developers. Thanks to its fantastic user interface, Xamarin Test Flight is easy to use even though it features so many advanced options and settings.

The platform is also the official emulator from Apple, and it supports the most recent versions of iOS. Perfect for testing apps in numerous aspects, Xamarin Test Flight runs applications and games created for iOS 8 or later.



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