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Best Google Play Store Alternative – AppGallery

Huawei suffered lately because of the recent US trade restrictions. Google was mainly affected, and it has been forced to revoke Huawei’s Android license. These modifications included future smartphones, meaning that the Chinese OEM will be unable to make some options. The developers will be unable to install the Google Play Store, Google Play Services, and other apps by Google, on their new devices. The first announcement was at the latest Huawei release, of the Mate 30 version. A Google spokesperson detailed the issue and explained how the Mate 30 Pro wouldn’t be sold with the licensed version of Android or Google apps and services. Huawei, however, has a reliable solution as a second plan. The developers have a HarmonyOS system which wants to introduce it, but they still rely on Android.

Huawei’s AppGallery the Great Solution

Huawei developers chose an app which resurfaced in 2011 in China. AppGallery comes very handy because it has some features like a forum-based social networking space for some games. A feature like that is very significant for some users because it is a resource. AppGallery, however, is very independent, appearing without Google and Play APIs’ presence.

Huawei introduced AppGallery once with P20 series, in 2018. Until now, the app succeeded in getting almost all the needy features like billing capabilities, subscriptions, and more. AppGallery could be very useful, however, for the future of the AppStore on Huawei.

For developers, AppGallery appeared to be very significant because of its fragmentation within the Android. The access at the app, however, will take a little bit of effort, but this could be the only way to reach Huawei and Honor devices. Also, AppGallery could be soon reliable and easy to install a third-party app on the next Huawei devices.



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