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Best Google Classroom Apps Available to Download

Google Classroom is a very efficient tool to use, especially if you’re a teacher. It makes the lives of students easier in the classroom, and it motives them to learn. We are here to talk about the best seven apps that work hand in hand with Google Classroom. They are designed to make your life as a teacher more comfortable and their lives as students more pleasant.


This app is friendly, and it is specially designed for kids to learn every day. Watching videos and reading all kinds of articles has never been so fun! There are over 5000 articles and one million videos, and they are based on a different type of topics. You can pick your favorite and place them in the favorites category. Kids will be thrilled to find out more about science, or history, or pretty much everything through the fantastic videos.


Teaching a language has always been challenging. It’s not always easy to explain every little aspect of a language. Duolingo is the world’s most popular app when it comes to learning a new language. The app offers 23 languages: from Russian to Dutch, to Spanish and French, German and Romanian. If your students practice with this app, they will see how easy it is to learn a new language.


Usually, Math and English are two of the subjects that put kids in difficulty. But with IXL, things can be different. It comes with interactive questions, personalized recommendations, and even rewards. Your students will stay motivated with this app, and they will go through various topics in finding their way in Math. The app can be used for grades pre-K to 12th grade.


This one is very popular with Google Classroom. It’s quite useful, since it allows students to learn at their level of understanding, and since they don’t have to struggle when they are trying to learn something that’s simply out of their learning level. With this app, students can play quizzes and compete in global games. Students can unlock avatars and customize their games by choosing music, themes, and even memes.


Padlet is terrific for those students who want to create beautiful projects and share them with their colleagues. Students are also free to collaborate through the app when it comes to designing a project together. You can place on the project pretty much everything: from recorded interviews to texts, to documents, and themes. Images are also a go. It’s also a good app for creating discussion broads or Venn diagrams.

Khan Academy

You can learn so much with this one, and it’s completely free. You can use it on your iPad or iPhone, and each version comes with many benefits. It has more than 1000 videos and many explanations for math, history, science, and many other subjects. It’s good if your students are struggling with an issue at school.

It has 40,000 interactive Common Core practice questions, and it gives instant feedback and even hits if anyone is struggling. Students can learn at their own pace. The iPad version comes with interactive exercise recommendations.


This is a free role-playing game. Teachers have the chance to play together in an adventure game app. Students have the opportunity to improve their abilities and their behavior. This app is all about teamwork and managing classroom behavior. It is designed to grab your students’ attention and have them be even more motivated. It’s best for smooth teaching experience.

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