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Best Free PDF Readers for Windows in December 2019

The usage of PDF readers is diminishing, yet it still plays an essential role in our lives. Whenever we have to open a PDF document, we generally utilize the PDF reader programming available in our Windows, or the most common one, which is Adobe Acrobat Reader.

These are very good and helpful, but when we realize that we need more than primary PDF readers to perform more errands, it’s good to know that there are accessible other programs at no cost that can offer you more field in programming. A different kind of PDF reader software that will open a record just as it will consolidate an archive can change various picture arrangements, and from there, your imagination is the only limit… why not go for it?

Best Free PDF Readers for Windows in December 2019

Your Web Browser

Our first interest is to be able to see the PDF documents; we are not bothered with advanced PDF reader programming for Windows and don’t require devoted programming. Every internet browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Opera, comes with a free PDF reader incorporated.

These are part of our internet browser and are updated regularly with new highlights. As you click on a PDF document, the internet browser used opens the PDF record straight away and gives you a smooth, free understanding experience. What all programs have in common is that they enable you to options such as content size alteration, pivot, download, and printing.

Foxit Reader

This “all-inclusive” reader is quite a sophisticated program, but at the same time, easy to use as the interface is propelled by Microsoft office. Additional items can be downloaded – they will assist you with converting PDF documents to other programs and vice versa.

Nitro PDF Reader

This reader offers a lot of beneficial record adjustments. With the assistance of this reader, you can, without much of a stretch, view, print, email, and share PDF files, highlight, underline, cross out, and add notes to text and pages, and lastly, print to PDF from any Microsoft Office app. It will also enable you to extract pictures from a PDF record.

Slim PDF Reader

This PDF reader is of modest size; therefore, it won’t occupy a lot of memory. It is easy to utilize and straightforward: nothing to go wrong with. You can easily print and turn the archives in this PDF reader, and the documents are also stacked rapidly.

Sumatra PDF Reader

This reader is only 5 MB in size! The simplicity of the user interface is an impressive functionality the app has managed. Sumatra PDF Reader will enable you to see Latex archives, and you can, without much of a stretch, arrange the content tools the app provides

Adobe PDF Reader

Best reader to finish all your fundamental needs of a PDF reader. Compared to the above PDF readers, this one has a basic interface. Essential capabilities include a remark, filling structures, and marks. Whenever you feel burdened using other readers, you can always return to the simplicity of Adobe Reader.

The Bottom Line

Which program would you prefer using? Based on your needs and requirements, your choice may differ, but I’m quite sure one of the above-listed readers will catch your eye. As people, we all have different opinions, and we are interested in finding yours. Please leave a comment in the section below with the PDF Reader you prefer the most.



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