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Best Dota 2 Offlaners of the New Update

Dota 2 got updated recently, and the patch 7.24b is currently available. Nerf to some tiny nerf to Bracer influenced the heroes and offlaners who got double Bracers. Also, the top best offlaners have been re-shuffled, as well. Check out the following five best offlaners from the current patch version!

Best Dota 2 Offlaners of the New Update

Legion Commander

Legion is considered a little bit controversial. The hero relies on a steady beginning, and one cannot choose her against all the match-ups. The skill develops on the Legion Commander relies, too, on the opponent heroes in the overall and the lane game. If one believes they can switch well with right-clicks in the lane, it is always recommended to boost up the second and third skills.

But, if the other heroes seem to be a challenge, a few points in first skill will ensure valuable Gold of ranged creeps and XP. It also offers a lot of movement speed. As for early duels on low or unsteady HP heroes, you better build up duel damage in the game. Standard items include Blade Mail, BKB, Blink Dagger, and Desolator. Also, the Assault Cuirass, Silver Edge, and Aghanim’s Scepter have been added.


The upgrade to Mars’ Bulwark skill influenced the hero a lot. The toggle makes Mars take 70 % of all fight projectiles pointed at his allies. It also provides Mars skill to stop future damage from the front by 35 % and 70 % from the edges, turning him into an unkillable offlaner. Mars’ items include Vladimir’s Offering, BKB, Blink Dagger, the Assault Cuirass, and the Pipe of Insight.


The Dota 2 7.24b version patch brought a massive update to Slardar. Now, the offlaner got a 52 % win rate. The hero’s success is guaranteed because of his skill to lockdown targets so frequently. Lower MMR pub players miss the capability to play around stuns and find opening in between them. Slardar got the Blink Dagger, Aghanim’s Scepter, Echo Sabre, BKB, the Assault Cuirass, Vladimir’s Offering, and many others.


Abaddon succeeds in keeping its strong attitude as an offlaner. The hero has a 52.71 % win rate and is perfect against match-ups in this newest patch. Abaddon is still significant in the meta because of its innate skill to regenerate health. The hero got the Pipe of Insight, Heaven’s Halberd, Assault Cuirass, and the Vladimir’s Offering.


Underlord got a 55.65 % win rate. The versatility in his skill build remains strong. The Firestorm ability of Underlord, for example, can clear waves, which is one of the most significant things in Dota 2. Underlord got the Guardian Greaves, Lotus, Pipe of Insight, Crimson Guard, Lotus, Vladimir’s Offering, and much more.



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