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Best Affordable Gaming Monitors To Buy In 2020

Gaming is quite an essential part of the life for some people. Having the right technology makes the experience a lot better and more enjoyable, don’t you think? That why we prepared a list of three best gaming monitors at reasonable prices.
Let’s start with the most budget-friendly one.

Best Affordable Gaming Monitors To Buy In 2020

LG 32GK650F QHD 32-inch

Let’s start with the budget-friendly monitor! VA technology is the slowest of the three main LCD variants. However, the VA technology has improved over the time, and for a low-cost monitor, it is not that bad. VA panel has better contrast ratios and black levels than IPS displays and a similar time response. It also has a broad range of monitor sizes as well as curved models.

We advise you to buy the LG 27GL850. This LG monitor performance is higher than the average, and the price is just as excellent and affordable. Plus, you can’t find an IPS monitor its size. LG 32GK650F is a 1440p monitor, and it once held the best value. Its pros are a 32-inch 144Hz monitor, time response at just 6.50ms, contrast ratio above 2000:1, and input lag just below 1ms. The 32GK650F flat panel can be bought for $390 on Amazon, or even at a lower price, such as just $300.

LG 27GL850 27-inch Ultragear Nano IPS

LG 27GL850 uses IPS LCD technology and is a 1440p monitor. We recommend the 27-inch monitor as it has an excellent color performance and great response times similar to TNs. The high refresh rate makes it perfect for gaming for just a 144 Hz display. Same as a TN display, the 27GL850 is a “1ms” monitor.

However, this monitor lacks HDR, and it is not that great if you want to game in a not so bright environment. It also misses a blur-reducing backlight strobing mode. You can buy the LG 27GL850 for $500, which very convenient for what it has to offer.

HP Omen X 27 240Hz

TN panels are the best in terms of high refresh rates. The HP Omen X 27 has 1440p resolution paired up with 240Hz refresh rates, making it perfect for Overwatch, CS: Go, and Rocket League games. Although your GPU won’t be that great, you will certainly get a 240Hz experience.

The input lag is almost 0, which makes it a high-speed display. Please make note that it is not the best monitor for wide color gamuts, viewing angles, and contrast ratios. HP Omen X 27 can be bought for about $580.



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