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Battle Royale Games: PUBG vs. Free Fire vs. Rules of Survival to the Test

Battle royale games are truly amazing. All seem to be the same, but each game has something that makes it different than the other. We are here to talk about PUBG, Free Fire, and the Rules of Survival.

In Terms of Graphics

There’s not a doubt that PUBG comes with the best graphics from all the battle royale games.

The Free Fire graphics seems like have been taken from comics – it’s animated and cartoonish.

Rules of Survival comes with improved in-game graphics. It’s nothing compared with what it used to be. Rules of Survival Ultra comes with textures and real-time light effect. They added weather characteristics and a changing cycle between day and night.

In Terms of Players & Updates

With PUBG, there are many bots, especially in Erangel. These bots don’t really move around much, and their pattern is always the same. There are 100 players in a game – almost 40 are real ones. The fact that there are so many bots ruins the game. The game gets updated constantly.

In Free Fire, it’s very different: usually, all the players are real. And if there are bots, they know how to kill you. They don’t have similar patterns, which makes it even more interesting for players. The game gets updated constantly.

In Rules of Survival, things haven’t changed. It’s the same, with real players, and bots from time to time. But we don’t usually get many updates for this one. There are still numerous bugs. This game has many things that you don’t usually need when you play. And we cannot get over the fact that it crashes a lot during the games.



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