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AVG Antivirus Free 6.25.3 Update Brings Improvements and Bug Fixes

We live in the digital era, and many people enjoy the advantages brought by the access to the internet. The rise of smartphones brought the internet into the palm of our hands, allowing users to browse the latest news, visit social media networks, stream their favorite content and perform a wide variety of different tasks.

However, some nefarious entities are hard at work on the development of malware and exploits, which aim to infect smartphones and extract valuable data that can be sold on the black market for a generous profit.

To prevent such issues, it is essential to download a reliable antivirus app and our device. AVG Antivirus Free is one of the best choices as it packs a rich selection of excellent features.

What’s new in AVG Antivirus Free?

The core of the app is a reliable antivirus shield that keeps your device safe. It scans all the content on your device, including documents, files, and apps, with the help of an advanced dual-engine that tracks down malicious code. A powerful Wi-Fi scanner will prevent infections shared with the help of public networks, and the built-in VPN feature can be quite handy when you need to access select sites.

AVG Antivirus Free can boost the performance of your device with the help of the excellent Power Save feature. It will kill useless tasks that slow your device while also cleaning cache files to boost the available storage space. Pair the app with the AVG remote management console or 2FA via SMS to increase the security of your device. It will allow you to track down and locate your device on Google Maps. Users also have the option to lock their mobile devices and set a custom lock screen message.

A series of security features will offer the ability, see if any actions are taken on the device or wipe all the data remotely. The AVG Antivirus Free 6.25.3 update comes with bug fixes and performance improvements.

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