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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Ubisoft brings Exciting News about the Gameplay for Xbox Series X

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be the newest iteration from the notorious related series, as the game is scheduled to launch somewhere during the fourth quarter of the current year. As the role-playing action game will be available for the usual platforms (PC, Xbox One, and PS4), it will also arrive for the upcoming next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, respectively.

But surely the big dilemma is how Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be running on the upcoming gaming machines, and Ubisoft comes to shed some light on the mystery.

At least 30 FPS for Xbox Series X

Ubisoft brings us the good news that the new game from the Assassin’s Creed series will be running at a minimum of 30 FPS when it arrives for Xbox Series X.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will run at a minimum of 30 FPS. On Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, we are committed to offer the best experience to our players by immersing them in the most beautiful worlds and environments we could create, and leveraging not only the graphics enhancements offered by the next generation of consoles, but also faster loading times and the new architectures.

While a lot of us are eager to find out what system requirements the game will have for PCs, we have to wait a little more until those kinds of information comes. But until then, we can take a look at the recommended system requirements for the last Assassin’s Creed title:

  • Processor: AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz, Ryzen 5 – 1400, Intel
  • Core i7-3770 @ 3.5 GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Graphics card: AMD Radeon R9 290, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (4GB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0)
  • VRAM with Shader Model 5.0
  • Storage: 46+ GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Video Preset: High (1080p)

Common sense tells us that the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Valhalla shouldn’t require higher specs than those listed above, but only time will tell for sure.




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