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Armor Valor Is a New Real-Time SLG and RPG Game Released by R2 Games

Have you ever wanted to build a band of heroes, have your own castle and army? What about fighting dragons, orcs and demons? If that did not sound appealing, then you should see the heroes that come to fight by your side in Armor Valor.

R2 Games adds one more game to their portfolio. It is called Armor Valor, and it will be launched on July 15. If you have had the chance to play with Dragon and Castle: Real Time World Wars, then you should know that Armor Valor is similar to that game.

For those that want to try out Armor Valor and have not seen how Dragon and Castle: Real Time World Wars looks like, here is our short preview.

We have played the game for a day and we have to say Armor Valor is quite entertaining! There are so many things you must do in the game to progress that you will not even notice how many hours you’ve spent fighting and getting better gear and rewards!

First, the game is easy to play, there is a tiny hand guiding you through all the necessary actions, and icons showing you what is new, what has to be upgrade, and so on. Here are a few more details regarding gameplay, upgrading your hero and castle.

Armor Valor – Fight Alongside Mythical Heroes, Build Your Kingdom and Defeat Enemies

The game starts with you as the only hero that has to defeat some enemies. Soon enough, some of those opponents will join your ranks. Heroes like Loki, Venus, Dracula, Anubis, Odin, Poseidon and others will fight by your side.

You have to keep on fighting to get more heroes, more battle gear and resources. Battles will also help you upgrade the heroes as well! During the battle phase, you will be able to either choose ‘auto’ and let your group use their abilities as they wish or control them by tapping on the hero’s icon as soon as it lights up. Once you get more than five heroes, make sure you choose a good composition – a tank, a healer and two damage dealers.

Plenty of rewards will show up as soon as you finish battles. Some will also help you upgrade buildings or your castle to continue your progress. Going to the Arena and challenging other players will also reward you with resources.

Playing up to level 30, we did not need to wait for anything, but we will admit we used crystals to accelerate some upgrades because we wanted to win more dragon trials. Nonetheless, if you choose to play Armor Valor for a long period of time, you will gain back those crystals through Trials, Arena battles and completing various achievements.

You can look at the world map and attack inferno lords, boar warriors or other castles as well as look for resources.

If you join a guild, you will also spot your guild member’s castles! There are so many things we would like to talk about, but they may be spoilers, so hold on tight until July 15 when Armor Valor launches on the R2 Games website at https://av.r2games.com/. Check out their fresh Facebook Page as well, as it may soon announce some launch events, rewards and so on.

We like what Armor Valor offers in terms of gameplay and entertainment. It’s surely a game that will keep you occupied for hours!

Play Game link: https://www.r2games.com

Armor Valor official site: https://av.r2games.com/

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