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ARK Survival Evolved PS4 Update Available – What’s New?

A new update for the PS4 version of ARK Survival Evolved was released as a successor to the previous changes that were made for the PC and Xbox One.

The new update has finally synchronized the PS4 version of the game to the Xbox One version.

Up until the newest update, the PS4 was the version furthest behind in the matter of updates. At the opposite pole, PC gamers were the first to receive any new ARK updates.

The introduction of the update was quickly confirmed by the ARK community team, who jokingly told fans:

“Taking social distancing to a whole new level.”

The update has also partially set the grounds for the ARK Genesis expansion.

Changes And Issues

The new update changed some aspects of the base game for the better, but some gamers have been experiencing issues with their experience. One ARK player said:

“I was level 105 before the patch, but I’ve signed into a mindwiped level 1 character with only 100 level ups. What gives?”

“Mine was mindwiped too. I believe I had all pre-existing levels, however. Hope someone else can be more helpful,” another added.

The official patch notes revealed that a server wipe was done, so that might be the most likely cause why such issues manifested.

The server wipe has also affected items like MEKs, TEK suits, and Cluster Grenades for PvP servers.

A Mindwipe was reported on official ARK Survival Evolved servers, so the consequences don’t deserve to be labeled as bugs.

Tamed Reapers could be affected by the partial wipe that was done on PS4 ARK Genesis servers, but again, it’s not a bug, it’s a consequence of the partial wipe. Had it not been for such wipes, the experience would have taken a turn for the worst in the long run, as previous bugs would have affected new content and so on.



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