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ArenaNet Is Working on a New Guild Wars 2 Expansion

Many Guild Wars 2 fans will be happy to learn that ArenaNet, the developer of the game, has announced that a new expansion is in the making.

The announcement was released via a post on the official website, but many details have remained elusive. At this point, it appears that the team is hard at work on a new expansion that will offer fresh content, and a teaser image released and the end of the announcement showcases a beautiful vista.

Path of Fire, the most recent expansion for the title, has been released in 2017 to both critical and player acclaim. The expansion enhanced many of the features that were introduced by Heart of Thorns while also bringing new content, and that made it a hit among players.

New Guild Wars 2 expansion is under development

A significant change was represented by the introduction of a robust mount system that becomes available during the endgame. While many MMORPGs offer mounts as a basic feature that can be acquired with some currency after a few levels, Guild Wars 2 makes them feel like an achievement, with each mount offering specific abilities that can complement select gameplay challenges like obstacle races.

The speed at which ArenaNet releases new expansions may seem a bit slow for some gamers. Still, the gameplay experience is kept fresh with the help of an interesting mechanic known under the name of Living World.

Icebrood Saga, the current Living World event, has been hyped by ArenaNet before release, and it is enjoyed by many players, even if the core part of the announcement was represented by the fact that sagas will replace seasons. With a new expansion in the making, some players will have a new reason to return to the title, even if the details are quite scarce at this point. It remains to be seen what will be announced in the future.



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