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Apple’s early work on popular devices: Original Apple Watch Prototypes

The world saw the first original Apple Watch back in 2015. However, behind any original models from Apple, are the prototypes. The company spent a few years working on the design of the first Apple Watch device prior to its launch. Even nowadays, the company keeps producing these kinds of prototypes before releasing the original product. In this article, we are going to discuss the latest ‌Apple Watch‌ prototypes that are currently circulating the internet.

Giulio Zompetti is a prototype collector that posted a few pictures of ‌Apple Watch‌ prototypes, according to Vice’s Motherboard. Zompetti collected these images of Apple’s prototypes and shared them with the world. The images reveal the resemblance of the new prototypes with the first Apple Watch model. However, some of the features are different, such as the unique differences in design. There are also differences in the sensor placement.

The collector found these Apple Watch prototypes from e-waste facilities. That means that they are no longer functional; however, it doesn’t seem like a problem for Zompetti. He says that the key components of the Apple Watch prototypes are intact, which means he can also repair them. Zompetti’s plan is to fix these prototypes and sell them afterward, making thousands of dollars.

Looking at these images, we can see that some of them feature a unique logo. The same logo can also be seen on the iPhone prototypes. That suggests that Zompetti’s collection of Apple Watch prototypes are authentic. Another evidence in the authenticity of these prototypes stands in the presence of the QR codes and serial numbers seen on other Apple prototypes.

“Pre-production #AppleWatch #prototypes at PreEVT stage.

This particular design didn’t make it to the mass production.#AppleInternal,” posted Giulio Zompetti (@1nsane_dev) on Twitter.

The images of the Apple Watch prototypes were posted on Twitter earlier this month. However, the only thing that we enjoy about this fact is to see Apple’s early work on popular devices.



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