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Apple Watch Series 6 Might Introduce Blood Oxygen Level Feature

Apple Watch succeeded in reaching quite the status with its live-saving cases. Thanks to some of its features, the smartwatch is one of the most desired accessories currently. A new report indicates such a thing and suggests that the Apple Watch might get even more significant. The upcoming series of the smartwatch might arrive with an advanced blood oxygen level feature.

Apple Watch Series 6 is a Health Tool

9to5Mac’s recent report indicated that the next-gen of Apple Watch might come with the best features so far. Amongst them, the smartwatch might detect more than an irregular heartbeat. Also, a few leaks indicate that Apple might have under development a new feature to detect blood-oxygen levels through the smartwatch. Such a thing means that if the user’s blood oxygen saturation drops below the ideal threshold, a notification appears.

The option could work similarly to the information obtained for an unusual heart rate. The technology is new and would undoubtedly need different hardware and software upgrades, too. As for the Apple Watch’s hardware, this should also be revamped to verify the blood levels accurately.

Apple has been trying to enhance the Watch series all the time to make it a regular and steady all-purpose health item. The arrival of the blood oxygen monitoring feature might a significant step as it could further identify the risks related to the heart and lung attacks. It would introduce some sleep tracking options, as well, and a lot more settings for an enhanced technological experience.

Other Devices Similar to Apple Watch Series 6

As new as the concept appears to be, Apple isn’t the only producer working on the modern technology system. Fitbit also has under development a mix of red and infrared sensors to spot the oxygen fluctuations. Fitbit is also enhancing the ECG features on its smartwatches and could bring results somewhere in between 100 to 120 beats/minute.



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