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Apple to Stop Supporting iOS 12.4 After the Jailbreak Got Released to the Public

After the release of the public jailbreak, which took place last month, Apple has stopped supporting iOS 12.4. This means that you cannot go back to iOS 12.4 after you’re upgraded to iOS 12.4.1.

Just a week after the jailbreak became public, Apple decided to stop the madness and release iOS 12.4.1. It was earlier discovered that Apple unpatched a vulnerability, which was initially fixed in iOS 12.3.

The issue was brought to Apple’s attention by Google Project Zero. Apple has given details about the fix in the security notes that were released for iOS 12.3. The whole jailbreak deal took advantage of the problem.

When Apple stops supporting a certain iOS version, it usually means that users cannot downgrade to that version by using iTunes. The process of downgrading is not unusual for those users who want to jailbreak their devices.

The process of the downgrade is quite useful in some situations, for example, for those who encounter bugs after they update to the newest version of iOS. This is one of the main reasons why Apple is known to wait some weeks before they stop supporting older versions of iOS.

People don’t really talk about or even do a public release of a jailbreak for the new iPhones. All the details of a jailbreak are supposed to be secret because if Apple finds out, they will solve the issues. Researchers usually use jailbreaks in order to see the possible payouts that are available in the security market.

The company will release iOS 13 for the general public on the 19th of September. Then, they will also release iOS 13. 1 on the 30th of September.



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