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Apple Reportedly Works on an AirPods Pro Lite Version

The AirPods and AirPods Pro have been a hit among users while also receiving praise from many critics. It seems that the success of the range inspired Apple to make on a more affordable version that could be released as the AirPods Pro Lite. They will come with a lower price tag, but some of the more exotic features could be removed to reduce the manufacturing cost.

Apple might be working on an AirPods Pro Lite version

Some sources theorize that the decision may also be influenced by Apple’s attempt to shift some parts of the supply chain to Taiwan. Apple relies on China for the components that are used to assemble most of its devices, but the spread of the coronavirus may slow the production rates, which can lead to significant delays.

Users who prefer a premium experience will have to pay $249 for the AirPods Pro. One of the features that make them better than the regular variants is represented by the addition of active noise canceling. Those who love to listen to music while they travel from one place to another or sit in a noisy environment will love this feature.

More about Apple AirPods

Another advantage comes in the form of the Transparency Mode, which offers the option to hear surrounding noise, so you don’t get distracted or to take a call while leaving the music on. It is easy o activate the mode by long-pressing the stem while a single press can be used to pause or play music. As expected, a double-press will allow you to skip to the next song.

While some users may appreciate the option to purchase a budget-friendly version of the popular accessory, it is not clear if they will be more affordable than the regular AirPods or AirPods 2. It is also interesting to see what features they will offer since the market is filled with affordable true wireless earbuds.



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