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Apple releases iOS 13.1.2 for bug fixes – should you upgrade?

Apple keeps doing an interesting job on the market since the Californian company continues to be very active when it comes to the creation of hardware and even software products. If iPhone 11 comes with significant improvements for the previous iPhone model, the new device definitely needs an operating system that can also be overwhelming for the minds of potential customers.

This is what the software engineers from Apple may have had in mind since they brought the 13.1.2 version of iOS to the iPhones. But is it really worth upgrading from your old iOS version? Can iOS 13.1.2 be the right OS?

How to get the update?

First of all, your device needs to be iOS 13 compatible. You should own at least an iPhone 6S or some of the new iPods touch from the 7th generation. The rest is straightforward: access Settings > General > Software Update. Or, if you’re too lazy to do it yourself, wait for the notification from Apple to upgrade automatically. By following several simple steps you’ll get iOS 13.1.2 on your device in no time.

The new update is expected to fix bugs

One of the claimed reasons for the release of iOS 13.1.2 was fixing some flaws of previous iOS versions. But once again, Apple disappointed some fans since they are flooding forums and Social Media with complaints. Even with this newest update, it seems like a lot of users are still facing issues with Face ID, Camera, Battery Life, Mail, and other services of their devices. But maybe those Apple users are just too pretentious.

What does iOS 13.1.2 can offer you?

Besides the complaints of the users who already tested the new update, it looks like the latest iOS still offers some useful bug fixes, or at least that’s what it claims:

  • Fixes an issue where Camera may not work
  • Fixes a bug that could result in a loss of display calibration data
  • Addresses an issue where Bluetooth may disconnect on certain vehicles
  • Fixes a bug where the progress bar for iCloud Backup could continue to show after a successful backup
  • Fixes an issue where shortcuts could not be run from HomePod

It may be another negative aspect that there aren’t any new security updates in the new iOS version, as the Apple engineers themselves are acknowledging.

Upgrade to version 13.1.2 of iOS seems overall like a good deal. It brings some improvements and let’s not forget that the aspects of which users are complaining about are pretty old for iPhones. The 13.1.2 update didn’t ruin anything. but now It’s only up to you to fully decide if you upgrade your iOS or not.



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