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Apple Patented A Mac With Curved Glass

Technology is advancing pretty fast, from smart TVs to foldable phones, and now Apple is bringing up a new desktop concept for its Mac. We would like to see new designs on the market, and Apple is well known for its unusual designs for its devices.

What is the concept about? Apple wants to introduce a single sheet of curved glass with a wedge at the back for its future desktop Mac design.

The Specs of the Mac With Curved Glass

The desktop Mac design that Apple plans to sell in the future is definitely a striking concept. It looks like the future Mac screen could the house prop up the design and processing components aw well. The shared design shows a slot at the bottom center where the user will be able to pass a keyboard.

The curvature of the Mac desktop could be altered to adjust the display angle, suggests Apple. Why would clamshell phones be the only device that can fold? Apple also implies that by wrapping the curved glass, the system will shut itself down. The exciting part of this design is that the MacBook’s keyboard section could be used as a laptop and not just solely as a computer.

“The electronic device may include a display coupled to the glass housing member and configured to provide a visual output at the display area,” the patent reads.

We don’t know when Apple will be launching this really cool curved glass Mac design, but it definitely won’t be very soon. Foldable phones are climbing on the scale of popularity, why won’t foldable desktops do just the same thing?

Technology is impressive, and we cannot wait to see these curved glass Mac design on the market. Moreover, we can already imagine the high-price for the upcoming fancy device’s design, but all the best things come at a high price.



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