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Apple iOS 13.2: What’s New with This Update and Is It Really Worth It?

Apple’s iOS 13.2 is here, and it’s on fire. Literally. After the many iOS 13 release problems, the fifth update of Apple does not address many issues, but it also comes with others. Because iOS 13.2 was bound to come with some big features, well, it’s such a shame.

Who can get this update?

iOS 13.2 is available for those devices that are compatible with iOS 13. We are talking about iPhone 6S and newer versions, and iPod touch 7th generation. The notification with upgrades should be automatic, but in case it’s not, go to Settings, to General, to Software Update. If beta testers have a later version of iOS, then you need to unroll your iPhones; otherwise, iOS 13.2 would not show up.

We also have news for all the iPad owners: Apple has made a dedicated platform just for you: iPadOS.

What’s bad about this?

iOS 13.2 is connected to Apple HomePod. Working on an update of the speaker’s audios, the HomePod team found that connection to iPhones, which upgraded to iOS 13.2 breaks the Apple Music. If they try to reset the HomePods, they get stuck on a boot loop. Apple has issued a warning, and they have stopped the updates.

For many people, that’s not all: the dropped call problems are still here, and the battery life bug is as frustrating as ever.

What’s new with this update?

Apple didn’t really fix all its past problems, but it did come with new features.

‌iPhone 11‌, ‌iPhone 11 Pro‌, and ‌iPhone 11 Pro Max‌ will get Deep Fusion. For these devices, you will also be able to change video resolution right from the Camera app.

It comes with AirPods Pro‌ support and more than 70 brand new emojis.

Siri is able to read your incoming messages to AirPods

The HomeKit can enable routers to control its accessories in your home. HomeKit‌ Secure Video can capture and store and view encrypted video from your security cameras.

You can stop Siri from storing your audio and dictation history.



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