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Apple iOS 13.2 Brought More Issues Causing Uncertainty

Apple released yesterday the latest iOS 13.2 update, and users started questioning if developers will ever fix the issues. iOS 13.2 came, too, with serious problems, giving users a feeling of uncertainty. Besides all the negative parts, the latest update introduced some significant new features.

A Compatibility Issue

iOS 13.2 is available for all iOS 13-compatible devices starting from the iPhone 6S and newer, the 7th generation of iPod, and for iPad, users got now an alternate platform, iPadOS. Beta testers are advised to unroll their iPhones if they are running an older version of iOS.

Apple HomePod Connection and Battery Drainage

HomePod users encountered a quite frustrating issue. iOS 13.2 brought a slow connection between an iPhone linked to a HomePod. Users reported that Apple Music crashes, and even if they try to reset it, the results are disappointing.

Moreover, the battery’s life is still a big issue, causing a real frustration.

iOS 13.2 Features

Even if Apple didn’t focus on resolving the serious issues, we still got some sleek improvements and new other things. For example, iOS 13.2 came with a revolutionary feature for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, called Deep Fusion. The newest addition brings users a unique photography experience. We can now shoot multiple photos at various exposures then combines them. Also, it comes as an automatic mode, so we can’t select it manually. Deep Fusion enhances the texture and detail for photos shot in mid-to-low light.

On iOS 13.2 updates list, we also got over 70 brand-emoji, a real joy for everyone. An AirPods Pro supports has been introduced, a HomeKit Secure Video, and a setting that allows you to delete Siri and Dictation history from Siti Settings. More upgrades and improvements for devices’ security could be read on Apple’s official security page, where 26 fixes are listed.

Should We Install iOS 13.2?

Users who don’t have a HomePod device should consider installing the latest update, considering that is the biggest issue reported. Also, even if Deep Fusion isn’t available for all devices, we still could get our hands on other features above mentioned. Even if Apple continues ignoring the severe problems, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy the same smooth experience.



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