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Apple Gaming MacBook Might Hit The Market This Year

The Apple Gaming MacBook can soon hit the market because it turns out that the company is working on this new laptop. According to some reports, Apple will make a gaming Mac device in 2020. We have heard of this in the past few years. However, now, the Cupertino-based company is close than ever to produce such a laptop.

This year, Apple is set to come with a lot of products, including the affordable iPhone, AirPods 3, iPad Pro, and, apparently, this new device. Ever since Apple has designed the MacBook series, fans started to think when they will do gaming computers. We are here to tell you all we know about the gaming laptop.

Apple Gaming MacBook – Specs and features

Apple has released the beta version of macOS Catalina 10.15.4, which comes with AMD AMU code snippets. A Twitter user decoded the code and talked about Apple working on a wide range of AMD chips for the Mac lineup. The APUs have a CPU and GPU on a single drive, which takes us to think about a powerful performance and some amazing features which can be found in a good laptop.

We believe the company is excited to be working on its gaming MacBook, and the new code snippet just confirms our thoughts. The tech company has introduced Apple Arcade, and the next step is probably this laptop.

Apple Gaming MacBook –  Release Date

The device can be released at WWDC 2020 when the company usually unveils its new products. The Apple Gaming MacBook device can have a price of $5,000 and will probably come with amazing performance, with support for high-processing titles.

Other things we can see at this event can be Apple iOS 14, iPhone 12, iPhone 9 (or iPhone SE 2), and AirPods 3. But, if the rumors on the gaming MacBook are accurate, then all the eyes would be on that device, we presume.



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