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Apple back-to-school promotion 2020: free AirPods 2

Apple has back-to-school promotion every year. And this year’s promotion looks very promising, especially if you are looking for some new headphones. This year the users are rewarded with a nice pair of AirPods 2 for free when buying certain products that are part of the deal. 

Students, as well as educators, can acquire MacBook Air for $899, or the iPad Air for $479 and get the AirPods 2 free of charge. Do keep in mind the price I mentioned reflects the educational discount. Plus, if you are not that happy with the standard AirPods 2, you can go for the wireless version of the headphones for only $40. And that’s not all. If you prefer AirPods Pro, you can get it for an extra $90.

iPad Air and MacBook Air are the cheapest devices part of the deal. The 2020 educational offer has many other products on sales, such as MacBook Pro of any size or either size of the 2020 iPad Pro. Of course, all of these products come with the free set of AirPods.

On the other and, there are a few devices that are on sale but do not include the free pair of headphones, like any iPad that costs less than the iPad Air, or the Mac Mini desktop, and even the Mac Pro desktop.

The AirPods 2 is the best freebie that Apple has offered so far in its back-to-school promotion. Plus, you don’t need to spend more than $500 to get your hands on it. Even the $899 MacBook Air offer is not that bad. The laptop comes with a keyboard, trackpad, and an OS that’s more capable than iPadOS. 

I listed below a few Apple laptops and desktops that are part of the deal:



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