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Apple AR Glasses Might Launch In 2020

We have heard that the Apple AR Glasses are in works, and there are many pieces of evidence that the giant tech is working on the futuristic product. There were many rumors about Apple working on this pair of glasses, and there is also a leaked patent for the device, which was recently released.

Apple has filed a new patent on the 13th of February, and it shows numerous details about the features of the AR Glasses. There are also many claims that the Apple AR Glasses will have a 2020 release date very soon.


The Apple AR Glasses patent shows a mixed reality head-mounted device, an HMD, which will use waveguided technology for its display system, which will also come with adjustable lenses. They also want to connect the glasses with multiple other Apple products, like iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks. Apple filed the patent, which also shows the desired optical performance levels, and users could also see the computer-generated content over the real-world content.

You can also enjoy the option in Apple’s AR Glasses to see the real world directly through a transparent part when the device is on the augmented reality mode. They will also come with in-built cameras, which will allow users to capture the real world.

So when is the Apple AR Glasses release date?

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, gave us a hint: the company has big plans for AR in the future, and many products will have AR as their base. Numerous reports are saying that the device will hit the market in 2020, together with the iPhone 12 launch, in the September annual event.
Ming-Chi Kuo also made some predictions about the AR Glasses. But we do not have an official release date, so we are taking all of these rumors with a pinch of salt.



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