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APK Files Guide: How To Download And Install APKs

As an Android user, you likely heard about APK files at least once. This article seeks to offer a complete guide which explains what are APK files, while are they useful, and how you can download and install APK on your device.

What are APK files

APK (or Android Package File) is a specific package file format used by Android in the distribution and installation process of apps. It can be compared to the setup.exe file encountered in the case of a Windows device as the purpose and mechanics are virtually the same.

By downloading an APK file, you obtain a specific version of an app. In most cases, users prefer to download apps and games with the help of the Google Play Store, which streamlines the task and allows you to obtain the latest version of the desired app in just a few minutes.

Why are APK files useful?

In most cases, new APK files offer to new builds of a specific app. These builds will be released on the Google Play Store at a later date, which means that you get the chance to play with the new features before other users.

Some apps are also unavailable in specific regions but will work well if you install them on your device. Another advantage comes from the fact that some you can install specific versions of an app, which may contain content that is no longer available. Users who opt to use custom ROMs may not have access to the Google Play Store, and APK will allow them to get apps on their devices.

How to download and install APK files

  • Find the desired APK file and download it on your device.
  • After the task is completed, go to downloads and tap on the app to start the installation process.
  • Wait until the task is completed and enjoy.

On some devices, you will have to go to Settings/Security and modify the Unknown Sources option before you attempt to install APK files.



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