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Apex Legends Mobile Rumors Say That It Might Come With Cross-Platform Play

The latest entry developed by Respawn Entertainment, the Apex Legends latest version published on the 4th of February last year ha been enormously appreciated by the broad public. The game was released with the help of Electronic Arts, is considered amongst the most impressive Battle Royale games after PUBG and Fortnite. But, we all wait for Apex Legends Mobile.

Contrary to the common belief stating that the developers will soon lose interest in this game, Apex Legends is not ceasing to amaze its fans. The company is currently working on developing the cross-platform play for Apex Legends. Another new decision includes making the game available for mobile users for both Android and iOS. It is thought that this feature will be available starting the next couple of months.

Apex Legends Mobile Rumors

An extra feature is currently under the project status and is aiming to help users using the mobile version to play with their friends that have any type of console. Electronic Arts have managed to implement this feature for the Fortnite platform, which is now capable of supporting the cross-play functionality between mobile and console users.

On the other hand, PUBG Mobile does not have this feature enabled, but it compensates with a more optimized game of the mobile users. After the mobile version of Fortnite was implemented, the developers thought that the battle royale mode would take over, as it was the case for the console and PC players. In the end, this theory proved to be false.

Should a cross-platform option for Apex Legends users be implemented for the Apex Legends Mobile experience, the developers need to think thoroughly about enhancing the game specifications to support the format of the Battle Royale game. Otherwise, an impressive number of users will cease using this application; it does not support middle range specifications for the devices.

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