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Apex Legends Might Rise In Popularity Again

When it was released, in February of this year, Apex Legends took the entire gaming industry by storm. It was a hit, and everyone was crazy about the game as soon as the publisher, Respawn, launched it.

The degree of the Apex Legends impact was so great that it was in the top half of most streamed and viewed games on Twitch for a steadily period. Apex Legends​’ play base grew in a fast way, and it seemed like the game conquest is bound to happen. However, the popularity of the title decreased significantly after the first few months, and people wondered whether Apex Legends​ was just another fluke.

In spite of the gradual decrease in its fame, the actual player base of the game is still increasing. There are a few elements that caused the downfall in Apex Legends​’ popularity, one of the most significant ones being the hacker epidemic. After the title rose to be known, it started to be an easy target for hackers and scripters.

Apex Legends Might Rise In Popularity Again

Apex Legends​’ lobbies were abounding of bots who promoted their hacks and scrips. Everyone encountered the issue, and even though the developers addressed it, the occurrence left a wrong impression for players. The lack of action from the developers was an exit point for numerous players.

The first season was announced two months after the launch of the title, and for a while, fans could only play one game mode. Even so, Respawn has done a great job after it released Season 1 by continually implementing new features. Apex Legends​ Season 3 is, at the moment, ongoing, and the title has definitely picked the pace again.

The developer and publisher of the game have announced the next big move in Apex Legends​: the release of the global Esports tournament. The Apex Legends​ Global Series will be created by either Respawn and EA, or by the tournament’s event production collaborators GLL and PGL.



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