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Android TV Getting Subscriptions via Play Store? What is Google Planning

Google continues to reveal ambitious plans for the near future, even in the unfortunate times of the pandemic. The tech behemoth from Mountain View plans to improve its Android TV, and there’s no wonder why considering how hugely popular smart TVs had become during the recent years.

Therefore, we should be able pretty soon to make a subscription for Android TV directly from a smartphone that runs on the operating system made by Google. The company itself revealed through a recently published support page that subscriptions for Android TV will be possible through the Google Play Store.

Google might prepare something bigger

The famous company teases the audience that there’s more to come regarding the news. Making a subscription will be easier than ever, as the support page mentioned above explains very well. Therefore, subscriptions will start from the Play Store along with an app’s installation. An account for that service will automatically be created with the Gmail address on the user’s TV. The service will ultimately end up by sending an email to the user so that he can set up a password for granting access from other devices.

We have to admit that Google’s idea is not bad at all, and it will be nice to see how the plan will be put into action. The Play Store has long been a faithful companion for Android users, as it seems like mutual love. The official Android marketplace has a staggering amount of users: more than 1 billion people worldwide. The service offers a wide variety of content like apps, games, e-books, music, and so on. Most of that content is free of charge, and we’re glad to be able to use the service.

Besides the Play Store, Google offers many high-quality software and hardware services. As for the software field, we can mention the iconic search engine, YouTube, Gmail, apps like Waze, Maps, and many more.



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