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Android To Add A New Feature – Ambient Mode

The announcement of the feature is not new, because Google announced it in September. The Ambient Mode will be a feature added to the Google Assistant add-on. Google has posted both on YouTube and Twitter about the new feature and how it is working. The idea of the function is that while you are charging your phone, it will turn into a smart display.

What do we know from Google is that the Ambient Mode will have a lot of features, but until they will be available, only a number of them are available. What you can do now is to add photos on your background, add alarms, check your reminders, flights, or even control music. The first device that received the Ambient Mode was Lenovo Smart M8 HD and Nokia 7.2 and 6.2. The new tools that will receive the new feature will be Xiaomi, Sony, and Transsion phones.

Android will soon receive Ambient Mode

However, the strange thing about the available devices that are currently on the list is the fact that we don’t see the Pixel phones from Google. At the same time, taking note of the fact that the feature is available on Android 8.0 and higher, we are sure that the Pixel phones will receive it too. Also, the current version of the Ambient Mode of the feature can’t be customizable so that you will have limited options.

Also, Arvind Chandrababu, who is the Google Assistant Product Manager, is saying that the feature will turn the display into a new way of doing things. The short explanation of this Ambient Mode is that you will use it like some widgets on the lock screen, but not easy to customize like them. Unfortunately, the tricky and sad part of this feature is that you can’t choose the buttons for every information that you will have on the screen.



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