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Android Auto: AAWireless system, crowdfunding details

Google is a multinational technology company, and therefore, has many specializations. Android Auto is one of the company’s software you can use on your car. The system translates apps to a modern car’s display unit. For example, mapping, voice-control, or entertainment apps. Find out more about its wireless form: AAWireless.

Like almost any ecosystems, you can customize and adapt it to your liking—the reason why it slowly but surely developt a community over time. One of the main contributors is developer Emil Borconi-Szedressy. He improved the Android Auto system. Headunit Reloaded and the obd2aa app are just an example of his work. 

AAWireless system 

His new project is about an AAWireless prototype. Moving into hardware, he now makes the wireless connection possible. Borconi-Szedressy plans to bring this new “plug-and-play” box for cars to mass production, hence his Indiegogo project. This new project will cut down on most of the prototype’s present I/O and footprint. 

The reason he managed to fulfill his new idea is thanks to crowdfunding. Borconi-Szedressy supporters managed to raise US$280,000. Thats literally 1.3 times its original crowdfunding goal. Therefore, he plans to reward its supporters with either a device compatible with any car or aftermarket head unit that supports Android Auto.

AAWireless Compatibility

Borconi-Szedressy revealed a list of cars or auto tech in which the system should work just fine: 

  • Honda CR-V; 
  • Some Toyotas; 
  • Sony XAV100; 
  • Audi’s MMI;
  • Ford Sync 3.

Keep in mind the system might work with some bugs. 


According to AAWireless page, supporters who contributed to the crowdfunding since September 7, 2020, will need to wait longer for their rewards. The older backers will get their reward in December 2020 as originally planned. However, the second wave backers will get their rewards in February 2021. 

According to the official Android Auto page, the new wireless system might soon be introduced to the new cars. 




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