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Android 11 Reveal is postponed due to the protests in US

As you might already be aware, Android 11 is about to run out! Google, the company behind the operating system, was getting ready to share the new features finally. However, the team changed its mind. The specs for Android 11 were supposed to come out on June 3, but that will not happen anymore.

“We are excited to tell you more about Android 11, but now is not the time to celebrate,” reads Android’s developer account.

The reveal of Android 11 software is now delayed. Google announced that it would come back with more information. Therefore, at the moment, the spec release for the upcoming operating system remains a secret. There is no information on when the company will be back with more on Android 11, but it will happen “soon.”

Google did not mention why the delay happened right now before the release. However, the reason is obvious. The American streets are filled with a lot of violence lately. Many cities are full of protests, looting, and fires. As you may already know, the death of George Floyd has put a hard hand on Minnesota. The conflict is going beyond Minneapolis, spreading throughout the US.

But, how is Google affected by this situation? Well, the company is located in the Bay area. Sure, Google has many other buildings; however, most of its employees are based there. Due to the serious series of conflicts in San Jose and Oakland, Google decided to postpone the event.

The situation in America has built up over the past year. This is not the first case where an innocent African-American man died in the hands of a white man. Breonna Taylor was shot to death by police in her home. Ahmaud Arbery was shot to death while jogging by two white men. All these innocent lives were lost in less than five months of the 2020. The results of the past actions are the protests and more violence.



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