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AMD Brings New Chipset Driver for Ryzen Processors

AMD continues to be a strong competitor for NVIDIA, and it’s interesting to see if one of the sides will ever throw the towel. Ryzen systems having both the AM4 and HEDT TRX40 sockets needed a boost, and AMD is there to lend a helping hand by releasing its latest chipset driver known as

Since bugs are more prevalent nowadays than anything, AMD also aims to fix a lot of the technical issues along with the new driver. Bug fixes from AMD also arrive for the PCI driver and SFH driver, and a few chipset installer issues were also fixed.

AMD and Oxide Games aim to help the cloud gaming industry

As leaked info from several months ago is claiming, AMD and Oxide Games are planning to work together to develop graphics technologies for cloud gaming services. Oxide Games is a game developer that deserves all the attention. The company describes itself as follows:

Comprised of industry veterans from Firaxis and Microsoft, Oxide Studios reveals next-generation 3D engine for console and PC gaming.

Another part of the official description says:

Top industry engineering talent spanning decades of experience with companies such as Firaxis and Microsoft have formed a new independent company, Oxide Games. In addition to developing cutting-edge games, Oxide is dedicated to making the definitive 3D engine for next-generation strategy games for console and PC.

Cloud gaming is a growing phenomenon in recent years, which means that it’s certainly a field where it’s worth getting involved. Running games on a virtual PC is significantly a better deal than struggling to upgrade your PC components yourself. That’s exactly what cloud gaming offers and various major companies are already offering dedicated services in the field: NVIDIA brings GeForce Now, Google brings Stadia, and so on.



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