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Amazon Launches a Music App for Artists

You don’t necessarily have to be an artist to like music. Everybody likes music, whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, teacher, policeman, firefighter, politician, artist, or an average person. Music binds us together, it can make us both happy and productive when we need, and if we use it the right way.

Amazon brings along the Amazon Music for Artists app, and it’s available for both Android and iOS. The app allows artists to see metrics about how they perform on the streaming service.

Who is a true fan?

In the music world, it’s a real flood of posers. Numerous ‘fans’ of the heavy metal music are actually none other than posers, just to give an example. But now, the new Amazon Music for Artists app can help distinguish true fans from wannabes, as it shows the artists a fan insights tab. The tab shows the artist’s most keen listeners (presented as fans and superfans).

In order to gain access to the Amazon Music for Artists app, you first need to be a verified artist. And then, you’ll have to download the app via Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store since the app is already there waiting for you. But actually the first and most primordial condition is to love music!

The official presentation from Google Play says:

With Amazon Music for Artists, instantly know how your fans are listening to your music. Monitor trends or dive deep into the data. Be armed with the knowledge you need to take your marketing into its next phase.

While the app has some nice featues for the artists like the ones mentioned above and others, the developers are also promising to bring even more improvements in the near future.

The passion for music will always prevail, regardless of your preferred tracks, genres, or artists!



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