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Alterra Mountain Launches Ikon Pass app for Skiers and Riders

Generally speaking, mobile apps are created for one single purpose: to make our lives easier. Or to bring money to the developers. Or both. Whatever the truth is, we simply can’t imagine our lives in 2019 without a GPS app, a mail app, a weather app, an instant messaging app, and so on. Ikon Pass is another app that promises to help a lot of people, and it has been created precisely for skiers and riders by Alterra Mountain company.

The Ikon Pass app can help you keep track of your passes, and it can be used for all 41 Ikon destinations. The app charges you no money for its services, and it can be used on both Android and iOS operating systems.

You can already download it

Ikon Pass has already been released, so you can search for it in Google Play and Apple Store. It offers various benefits: the number of days you’ve skied, the places you visited, as well as access days used. You can even see which friends and family vouchers you have used and how many you still have.

Erik Forsell, Chief Marketing Officer for Alterra, stated:

As we enter the second season of the Ikon Pass, we are excited to offer Ikon Pass holders an app to enhance their experience on the mountain as they visit any of our 41 destinations around the globe,

The app is a new outlet for the Ikon Pass community to engage with our destinations and other pass holders.

Ikon Pass is also a social app

If you need new friends because the old ones left you, or you simply want to find people that share the same passion for ski as you do, Ikon Pass can also help you out on this. You can use it as a social app to chat with people, track friends’ performances and create groups.



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