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Get a $25 AirPods Pro discount 

Have you been wondering when it is time to buy a new pair of AirPods Pro? Or, would you simply like to update the AirPods you currently use? Well, now is a perfect time! Why? You can now get an AirPods Pro discount offer on AT&T!

AirPods Pro discount 

The offer has been on for a while; however, it seems like it is here to stay for a little longer. The offer is available over the weekend as well, so hurry up and check it out. You can now have a 25 dollars discount for the premium version of the noise-canceling Bluetooth earphones. This offer is available for all shoppers. 

25 dollars might not seem too much, but every penny counts. You can acquire a nice pair of AirPods Pro for 224.00 dollars. The initial price for these Apple noise-canceling Bluetooth earphones is 249.00 dollars. Now, comparing this price with the other available Apple resellers online is the best you can get. Keep in mind that we have tracked the major resellers only.

If you don’t know whether to buy the AirPods Pro for 224.00 dollars or not, you have a little period of time to think. The offer on the AT&T reseller is available only until May 20, 2020. However, you can acquire this product only via online purchasing. 

AT&T store details

The AT&T online store offers a 14-day return opportunity if you somehow buy their product and then change your mind. However, the online store offers only four AirPods Pro per customer. So keep in mind there is a limited number of products you can purchase. The 25 dollars discount is available only for the AirPods Pro product. That means you are not eligible to use the discount for the other products available on the website. 

Go ahead and check out the AT&T online store for other products as well. 



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